Baby Bliss – Baby Yoga & Massage DVD

‘Baby Bliss’ is fully endorsed by The National Association of Childbirth Educators (NACE).

As a mother of four and an experienced baby yoga teacher, I have found that yoga has helped both me and my children to thrive. Baby massage and baby yoga is a beautiful way for mother and baby to bond. You can start to form a deep connection with your newborn from birth before verbal communication develops.

The benefits of baby yoga and massage are truly endless. It’s great for parents, grandparents, carers, and everyone else too. It stimulates eye contact, helping to nurture a greater responsiveness and deeper bonding. On a physiological level it simultaneously activates all of the systems within the baby’s body. Baby massage and baby yoga is medically beneficial in the following ways:

• The digestive system is stimulated to relive colic and wind.
• The respiratory system is stimulated to aid lung development and breathing.
• Muscles and joints gain strength through mobilisation.
• The quality of your baby’s sleep will improve through relaxation.

These elements help to establish a healthy foundation for your baby’s body and mind. In addition, baby massage and yoga helps parents or carers to gain confidence and feel more involved with the child.

Baby yoga and massage is wonderful for all parents and carers. It can also be particularly helpful if there was a period of separation after birth. If you feel that you missed out on that early bonding time, baby massage and yoga can provide the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your baby. Mothers that suffer from post natal depression can also greatly benefit from baby yoga as it offers a guided activity to do with their baby.

There are three sequences included in the DVD:

1. Baby yoga : 12 minutes
2. Baby yoga and baby massage : 20 minutes
3. Playtime yoga for older babies that are more active : 10 minutes

“‘Baby Bliss’ is unique because it focusses on yoga that has been specifically designed for the baby. There are many mother and baby yoga DVDs, offering postnatal yoga for mothers with their baby present, but Baby Bliss is yoga for the baby which is why it is so special and different from everything else on the market”.

“My vision for ‘Baby Bliss’ is that parents, grandparents, and carers will get great joy from using the DVD to guide them through a structured activity that is fun and engaging, at the same time as having amazing physiological benefits. The reality is, when babies are very young, they don’t do much more than sleep, feed and cry – so a DVD that you can follow in the comfort of your own home, at a time that best suits you, can be a wonderful way of bonding and spending time with your new baby. I’m immensely proud of ‘Baby Bliss’ and I know everyone will love the activities. I also know it will help parents through the tougher patches when they are struggling with sleep deprivation and adjusting to a totally new way of life. It’s at times like these that a short interactive activity such as baby yoga can really help. You can connect with your baby and really indulge in the positive aspects of having a beautiful newborn! I can honestly say, from personal experience and putting yoga to the test, in my classes and with my four babies, that the sequences I present are enjoyable, helpful and fun!”