Bliss From Within – Prenatal Yoga DVD

‘Bliss from within – prenatal yoga DVD’ is endorsed by NACE (The National Association of Childbirth Educators) and used by midwives and in hospital active birth classes and birthing clinics around the world.

‘Bliss From Within’ – Prenatal yoga and so much more!

Yoga means union and during pregnancy a woman discovers the greatest union of all – the union of a mother and her child. Practicing prenatal yoga throughout your pregnancy ensures you are doing all you can to make the delivery of your baby into the world a positive one.  This fabulous Pregnancy Yoga DVD is a complete package, unlike any other Pregnancy Yoga DVD on the market, truly meeting the needs of every mum to be!

Pregnancy Yoga DVD includes:Prenatal Yoga

  • Two 45 minute prenatal yoga programmes
  • Positions and massage for labour segment
  • Pelvic floor tutorial & techniques
  • Partner assisted prenatal yoga segment
  • Breathing techniques
  • Baby bonding visualisations
  • Home props suggestions
  • Zoe’s individual style will guide pregnant women through a happy and healthy pregnancy, and provide a positive approach to birth.

Zoe , who is 25 weeks pregnant at the time of filming, presents the program. She is joined by Noleen, who is 22 weeks and Delvine who is 32 weeks. Throughout both of the specially designed yoga programs, modifications are demonstrated by the three women to account for people of all levels of flexibility and stages of pregnancy.

This prenatal yoga DVD will be a lifesaver for any pregnant woman looking to find relief from pregnancy related conditions. A wide variety of common pregnancy related conditions (including: Carpal Tunnels Syndrome, High Blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Oedema, Varicous veins, throbbing of the legs, Sciatica and general back pain) are well understood and researched by Zoe over her 4 pregnancies and years of teaching pregnant women. All these conditions have been carefully taken into consideration in the sequences and the necessary modifications, to relieve these discomforts, are clearly explained.

Both of the prenatal yoga programs start with two Pranayama’s (breathing exercises), to help women calm the mind and centre themselves. The sequences then flow into the Asana’s (the physical part of yoga) with each prenatal yoga program taking into account lengthening, strengthening and opening the whole body. One prenatal yoga program then focuses particularly on opening the upper back, chest and shoulders and the other prenatal yoga program focuses on opening the hips and lengthening and strengthening the legs.
yoga for pregnancyBoth pregnancy yoga programmes finish by flowing into a baby-bonding visualisation, where supported relaxation positions are demonstrated. These visualisations help women immerse themselves more in their relaxation and connect more deeply with the baby growing within them. They are invaluable tools for relaxing during labour and this quiet time helps women prepare for the experience of birth.

Within the prenatal yoga DVD there is also an extremely helpful section on ‘Positions for labour’. This segment coaches Mums to be through a number of positions that can help them during labour and provides massage and support techniques for their birthing partner. Understanding and learning these poses will empower pregnant women with knowledge and understanding of active birth positions.

The section on Partner Assisted Positions demonstrates a number of very helpful prenatal yoga positions that pregnant women can do with a partner, friend or another pregnant woman. These poses will help relieve various aches and pains, particularly in late pregnancy. 5 – 10 minutes of these poses can be added into pregnant women’s daily lives for relief at either end of the day. This will make a real difference to their comfort, sleep and general sense of wellbeing.

The section on the Pelvic floor is something that all pregnant women need to see! It is essential for women to maintain a healthy strong pelvic floor. Within this section there is a diagram of the area and a clear explanation of how to engage the muscle, with a few helpful exercises that can be easily added into daily life. This will help women throughout the DVD, when following the sequences, but also throughout the rest of their lives!

A short segment on home props has also been included. Here Zoe explains a range of household items, which can be used to help with some of the exercises, for women who don’t have a house full of yoga props!

Finally, It’s not just music, it’s Therapy! No detail has been over looked! The music for ‘Bliss From Within’ was written by composer Terry Strudwick who has done extensive research into the area of mind pulse technology. This very scientific approach to music composition aims to activate the new neural pathways within the brain. For ‘Bliss From Within’ Terry used his knowledge to design some beautifully relaxing music with the yoga sequences specifically in mind.

All in all this prenatal yoga package is something pregnant women shouldn’t be without!

“During the creation of Bliss from Within’ prenatal yoga DVD, I carefully considered all the typical pregnancy-related discomforts and medical conditions. I then designed my sequences around relieving those aches and pains and considering those conditions by demonstrating variations to poses throughout both the pregnancy yoga sequences. My vision for ‘Bliss from within- prenatal yoga DVD’ is that it will help pregnant women look after themselves, and their unborn babies, and find extra comfort and vitality during their pregnancy. This will help them to enjoy the journey, and feel prepared for the experience of labour. I also hope that being pregnant myself in the Prenatal Yoga DVD (and already a mother of three), helps to provide you with a sense of trust. You can be sure that the combination of my real life experiences and putting yoga to the test in all of my pregnancies and labours, has resulted in this work of passion, a complete Prenatal Yoga package.”