Hi Zoe,
Just a quick note of thanks, your prenatal yoga dvd got me through my third trimester when I was having some physical issues and my husband had to go away for four weeks, I used the dvd daily and it along with some meditation helped me find my own calm strength to get through each day and finally the labour itself. Yesterday I found “Baby Bliss” at the ABC shop and I think today has been the easiest day I’ve had with Hector- my now 5 month old- in a long time!

Thanks again and namaste,

Dear Zoe
Thanks so much for your wonderful DVD!
I did yoga many years ago, and after the birth of my first son missed regularly practicing yoga. Now in my second pregnancy, I tried a local yoga school and while I enjoyed it, didn’t find I could afford to practice regularly and when it was convenient. I saw a review of your DVD in a parenting magazine and decided to purchase it. I love your DVD. I enjoy the variety and flexibility of being able to practice when it’s convenient for me and my family. The variations in the poses are also really helpful, depending on how my body is feeling! When my toddler woke the other day, he said ‘We watch lady doing muscles’ – which of course was you! While I find I am generally unable to do much of a practice when he is up, I love watching him try to copy you, it’s great entertainment.

Thanks again for a wonderful DVD,

“Very relaxing!”
Brilliant dvd – very well thought out. Has something for everyone and all stages of pregnancy!
‘Babyworld’ Member review by Jamie-Leigh – Mother and pregnant

“great relaxation”
great way to destress at the end of a long day at work or looking after the kids. nice easy pace for pregnant women who have never done yoga before. great buy.
‘Babyworld’ Member review by wendy – mother of 2 girls, 6 months pregnant with son

“very easy and suprisingly calming”
I’m currently pregnant with my 6th and have had quite bad lower bach ache in this pregnancy. I have been trying many different ways to ease it a little, such as hot water bottles and light exercise. This dvd managed to help me in so many ways. i knew my back was tense but didn’t realise how tense until i started this dvd. This dvd is so calmimg and was so relaxful just by taking the time to stick the dvd on.

I really enjoyed Sequence 1, the Hip and Groin Opening with Leg Lengthening and Strengthening. I really struggle to walk some days due to my back but this has realy helped to strengthem my back giving me some suport.

This dvd is suitable for all pregnant women as there are easy positions which is suitable for pregnant women wishing to try simple exercising whilst pregnant.

i am so pleased i was able to try this dvd and wish i could have had the opportunity when i had my 1st child many years ago as i’m sure i could have kept it up and maintained some level of fitness throughout subsequent pregnancies.
Member review by karen – mum to 5

“Very relaxing”

I’m currently 37+5 weeks pregnant with my second. I have had quite bad SPD in this pregnancy and have been trying many different ways to ease it a little. This dvd proved to help in so many ways.

I never realised how tense I have been lately, the whole layout of this dvd is so calm I started relaxing even just watching the exercises.

I particularly liked Sequence 1, which was Hip and Groin Opening with Leg Lengthening and Strengthening. I find it difficult at this stage to move around. I get a lot of pain in the pelvic area but going through the sequence helped me a lot.

I also think the dvd is suitable for all pregnant women regardless of capability. There are easier positions as well as positions which may be slightly more difficult for others.

All in all, i’m very happy with this, I think it has helped me with a lot of aches and it has also prepared me for labour and the positions I could use.

‘Babyworld’ Member review by Atia – mum of 3 year old girl and 38 weeks pregnant

“Surprisingly easy”

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my 3rd girl and wanted to try some exercises which are safe to do in pregnancy which might help with my sciatica and backache, so decided to give “Bliss from within” a go. I had never tried yoga before as I simply don’t have the time, but thought i’d make a bit of time for myself. I was a bit sceptical that i wouldnt be able to do many of the poses- not being the most agile of people, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It has 3 ladies at different stages of pregnancy doing exercises to suit them best, so I could copy the lady closest to my stage which was good. There was one or 2 exercises which i found a bit difficult due to my backache, but im sure if i keep trying i will get better at it.

The breathing techniques they showed have actually helped me with my breathlessness and dizzyness also.

The extra’s on the DVD were also helpful in that they showed good labouring positions and massaging techniques for my partner to try out, and pelvic floor exercises which i have tried before but this explained it a lot better than my pregnancy book.

The instructor “Zoe” seemed genuine and didn’t go changing positions too quickly. There are a few “props” needed but there is a bit explaining what household items you can use instead. All in all I’d say a great purchase for expectant mothers wanting a bit of “me time” to relax and get prepared for the birth (if thats possible lol)

‘Babyworld’ Member review by Jacqueline – Mum to 2 girls and 28 weeks pregnant with 3rd girl.

Dear Zoe,

I have been extremely happy with your DVD’s. I used the prenatal yoga DVD throughout my entire pregnancy and it helped with all the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and I believed it contributed to helping me maintain a healthy weight. I also believe it gave me the strength to endure the 16 hour labour and I found the postures/movements suggested in your DVD and the little booklet were very helpful.

My beautiful little girl began the baby yoga DVD after 5 weeks of age. She has developed wonderfully and is above and beyond the development of her two cousins of the same age. She’s been able to roll from 3 months of age, has had excellent neck and back strength and most recently (at 5months age) is trying to crawl. I thank her excellent health and development to this DVD. I have also found that the baby yoga assists in her having a better nights sleep. From about 2 months she has been able to sleep over 10 hours straight at night and now she sleeps up to 12 hours at night.

I am so hoping that you have a post pregnancy DVD available soon. I have kept using the pregnancy DVD however I need something to target the aches and discomforts associated with raising babies. I get tight in between the shoulder blades and aching shoulders from all the carrying of my baby. Sore lower back from bending over for nappy changes, bath time and play time. I would like to get the strength back into my abs and core to help keep my posture right and stop my back from aching. And even more so, use this DVD to get some much needed ‘me’ time.

Warm Regards,
Kelly Rashleigh

Hi Zoe,

Just a very quick email to say:

Many many many thanks for participating in making my (2nd) pregnancy so enjoyable with the help of your DVD and to introduce me so nicely to yoga.

I have just bought your second one and I must say I am pretty desperate for your third!!! ;)

Kindest regards,

Hi Zoe,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much the Bliss from Within DVD is helping me! I met you and bought the DVD at the recent baby expo at Melbourne Exhibition Building, when I was 16 weeks pregnant, and have been using it since. Working as a lawyer and now being 24 weeks pregnant I am finding it increasingly hard to make it to yoga classes but have managed to maintain a reasonably regular practice of yoga by making sure I complete both routines on the DVD at least once each week. I and my unborn baby are really enjoying it – I start to feel rejuvenated immediately from the moment the DVD begins playing!

Thank you and all the best with Jiivana,
Deborah Polites

Hi Zoe

I just wanted to Thank you so much for your wonderful DVDs, they are just beautiful. I wish I had found out about them whilst I was pregnant but they will definately benefit me when I am next.

The Baby Bliss is wonderful with lots of great ideas. My little fella, Ravi is now 9 months and enjoyed doing most of the older baby section. He giggled so loudly at the song ‘if your happy and you know it, roll your ankle’! it was so cute. These DVDs are definitely something which I will be telling everyone about at my next Mothers and Babies morning!

Thank you again Zoe for your beautiful energy.

With Love – Kylie

Hello Zoe,

I have your prenatal dvd, which I love and practiced everyday while pregnant with Airlei. I looked up your website to see if you had other dvd’s and I seen that you were making a baby dvd, which I couldn’t wait to get my hands on!

I do believe that your prenatal yoga helped me to have a great pregnancy (along with Herbal Medicine etc), and good recovery even after having to have a casarean section. Not many parents have babies that sleep through from 3 weeks of age, and its not just luck as many people say… it comes down to good fitness and health! I hope that you are able to keep making dvd’s, as I do miss practicing everyday! I love the music on the prenatal dvd as well, its very relaxing and allows your mind to be calm. I am grateful I stumbled upon your dvd in a local bookstore.

Many Thanks,
Crystal Cooper ND

Thankyou Zoe for your great dvd. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t live without your yoga programme, its very relaxing and rejuvenating. And best of all I don’t need to drive to town to go to a yoga class. I hope that it will give me a more relaxed and quicker labour then that of my mum (3 days with me ;(…). I recommend it to anyone that is pregnant. I look foward to your Baby yoga dvd
Samantha ND

Dear Zoe, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your DVD! I was extremely anxious and determined to avoid natural child birth by having a Caesarian with my first pregnancy. In my mind this seemed less painful and traumatic than all those ‘stories’ you hear about having a baby. At 26 weeks I brought ‘Bliss From Within’ purely to find relief from sciatic and inguinal varicose vein pain and it changed my entire birth experience and mindset. I did a complete 360. I wanted to have a calm, natural birth and I didn’t want to be scared to give birth. My daughter was born in 3 hours and 10 minutes. The pushing phase was 4 contractions. I didn’t need stitches or pain relief after. I used so many of the techniques I’d learned from the DVD during my labour, it made all the difference because I just felt prepared. I’m now in the early weeks with baby number two and felt that immediate calm and readiness after getting back into your DVD. Thank you so, so much for creating such a wonderful resource!
Kind regards,
Tanyika ND