Pregnancy relaxation pose

Lying on your left side with your top knee bent and supported by a pillow. You can also place a long pillow or stacked blankets under your belly and a pillow under your head.




Before your pregnancy relaxation pose silence your phone, turn off your computer and turn on some deeply relaxing music you love. Then lie on your left side with your top knee bent and supported by a firm pillow. Place a long pillow or stacked blankets under your belly for extra support and a pillow under your head. Now wiggle your fingers and toes to release all tension. Then take 5 slow deep breaths slowly and evenly in and out of your nose. Now take your thoughts away from past or future and down to your growing baby.


Now, as you exhale, try to release all your tension. Actually visualise tension flowing out of you, pushing out negativity with every exhalation and breathing in joy. As you breathe in positivity visualise your baby growing in your belly. Feel the connection you have with your baby. You are your babies life source, that’s an incredibly powerful emotion. Inwardly speak to your baby about anything that comes to your mind. This could be how excited you are to meet them or what’s happening in your world at the moment. Finally, let go of thoughts of commitments and plans and just be, you and your baby here and now, undistracted. Just for a moment try not to consider anything other than the two of you.

You can also do this visualisation and pregnancy relaxation with your partner. Simply follow the same guide, curled up together. Each of you can follow your own thoughts in your head to connect with the baby. Your partner can place their hands on your belly to feel a connection physically. When you try to eliminate thoughts, other than here and now, visualise the three of you here together in your own little world.

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