A little bit of love goes a long way!


Recently I received an email from a mum who had loved using my prenatal yoga DVD. Not only did the content of the email make me bubble up with joy, it reminded me of how important it is in life to take the time to make little comments or give compliments to people to brighten up their day. You can never underestimate how much joy a bit of positive reinforcement can bring!

Here’s the message I received …..

Dear Zoe, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your prenatal yoga DVD! I was extremely anxious and determined to avoid natural child birth by having a Caesarian with my first pregnancy. In my mind this seemed less painful and traumatic than all those ‘stories’ you hear about having a baby. At 26 weeks I brought ‘Bliss From Within’ purely to find relief from sciatic and inguinal varicose vein pain and it changed my entire birth experience and mindset. I did a complete 360. I wanted to have a calm, natural birth and I didn’t want to be scared to give birth. My daughter was born in 3 hours and 10 minutes. The pushing phase was 4 contractions. I didn’t need stitches or pain relief after. I used so many of the techniques I’d learned from the DVD during my labour, it made all the difference because I just felt prepared. I’m now in the early weeks with baby number two and felt that immediate calm and readiness after getting back into your DVD. Thank you so, so much for creating such a wonderful resource! Kind regards, Tanyika