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Restless aching legs driving you mad?

Are your legs twitching or aching and it seems impossible to keep them still???
Arrrrrg! I know exactly how that feels! Read on and find out how to relieve your aching legs in 6 simple poses! I really hope it helps you as much as it helped me, this sequence literally saved my sanity in all 4 of my pregnancies …….

7 poses for a deep nourishing sleep

Yoga is clinically proven to calm the mind, relieve aches and pains and reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing the body. So, harness this powerful tool! Whether you’re an avid yogi or just simply someone who can’t sleep, these poses are easy and achievable for everyone! Use yoga to wind yourself down, let go and fall into a deep nourishing sleep. This sequence is actually just as good post pregnancy too so this is a tool you’re learning for life!

A little bit of love goes a long way!

Recently I received an email from a mum who had loved using my prenatal yoga DVD. Not only did the content of the email make me bubble up with joy, it reminded me of how important it is in life to take the time to make little comments or give compliments to people to brighten […]

Loving now!

Loving now is so important because life is all about the journey! Whether this is your first or last pregnancy, your first or your last baby or anything in between, try and remember the importance of ‘right now’. This very moment that you can never get back. It’s so vital to enjoy this moment. Try not […]

What’s a ‘pregnancy visualisation’ & how can it help you?

What’s this term? ‘Visualisation?’ Well if you are in need of a little empowerment, balance or perspective then you should find out! Sometimes we simply need a visualistaion to remind us that today, right here and right now we are ‘enough’. Not once we’re slightly faster, a little smarter, a bit better at something, but ‘enough’ just the way we are. Read on to find out more ….

The Third Eye!

A weird expression huh!

Are we aliens?!?

Well … as weird as ‘The Third Eye’ sounds, that area of your face could become your new best friend in your quest to find balance and relieve stress & anxiety ……

Blissful Breathing – To calm and centre the mind

Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Do you find that, ironically, sometimes you almost need to stop and remind yourself to just breathe? Rushing around in our busy world we sometimes forget to allow ourselves time to stop. Busy work and family commitments can overrun us and leave us feeling frazzled. This short simple breathing sequence can help you to find that balance that you desperately need. Make time for an uninterrupted 5 – 10 minutes, read this blog, turn on some calm music or just sit with stillness and silence and breathe!
It will nourish you, allow you the space to gain better perspective and reset you to move forward with the calmness and grace you desire!

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga for Labour

Practicing prenatal yoga is proven to offer a whole host of physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It provides sustainable relief from pregnancy-related conditions and aids the birthing process. To demonstrate the many advantages of prenatal yoga, today we’ll examine the physical benefits of yoga for labour. Flexibility Yoga is a very useful tool for improving […]

Pregnancy relaxation pose

      Before your pregnancy relaxation pose silence your phone, turn off your computer and turn on some deeply relaxing music you love. Then lie on your left side with your top knee bent and supported by a firm pillow. Place a long pillow or stacked blankets under your belly for extra support and […]

Unlike any other prenatal yoga DVD. This truly meets the needs of every mum to be!

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