Create your own sunshine

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It is so important in life to find your joy within. No one else is responsible for your happiness but you so, create your own sunshine! You choose how you view the world and you choose how you react to the challenges that impact you. Put simply …

Positivity comes from within!

During pregnancy it is vital to try to stay calm and positive to give your growing baby the best possible opportunity to thrive in the womb. An incredible sense of calm comes from realising you have that power inside yourself. The great thing is it doesn’t have to be hard! By using all the tools you can learn here with breathing techniques, mindfulness and yoga sequences and applying them to your daily life you can train yourself to adopt a healthy attitude to life, people and events that slam themselves in your face!

Staying calm is your super power!

When you need extra help to stay calm, try to stop any internal panic by taking a deep breath, getting some perspective and tap into some breathing techniques to help you cope better and stay calm.

Have a great week and remember …

Create your own sunshine and radiate positivity!

It’s easy when you learn how x