Loving now!

Loving now is so important because life is all about the journey! Whether this is your first or last pregnancy, your first or your last baby or anything in between, try and remember the importance of ‘right now’. This very moment that you can never get back. It’s so vital to enjoy this moment. Try not to keep wishing for the baby to be born now or wishing your newborn would grow quicker and crawl, talk and play because the time while they are growing inside of you is so special, you’re growing a human being. The time while they’re suckling as a new born is taxing on you as a mum but it’s beautiful and fleeting too. You won’t make your pregnancy quicker by only thinking of the birth either but you do wish away loving now.

A friend once told me, ‘love your first pregnancy, you’ll never have that experience again.’

That was such great advise. If you have more children you’ll always have other little beings dictating your day. So have that cuppa and read that book when you want to, and savour loving now! Likewise when you have a little one in the world try an inhale the magnificence of it all. It doesn’t seem like it when you’re battling sleep deprivation and sore boobs or endless bottles but they grow up so quickly, you blink and all that enchanting preschool and baby phase is behind you. Then you’re rushing around to after school activities and juggling lunch boxes and homework help with reading stories and making dinner! But even that phase we must cherish, as I know all too soon I’ll be looking back on these days and my awesome little troupers will be all grown up and not needing the same simple love. The issues will be more complexed, the love will be as necessary but we won’t always be their number one.

So I strive to try harder to live loving now, whatever phase that is as I know I can never get it back and all too soon that phase will be behind me as a fond and cherished memory.



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