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Why practice prenatal yoga?

Yoga works deeply on a mental, physical and emotional level. By practicing prenatal yoga during your pregnancy you help open and strengthen your body and relieve aches and pains. This can then help improve your much needed sleep! Practicing prenatal yoga increases the oxygen levels in your blood and therefore the amount of oxygen that passes to your baby through the placenta. This increased oxygen is really important for the healthy development of your baby.

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The breathing exercises and visualisations you learn in ‘Bliss from within DVD’s’ Prenatal yoga sessions help you bond deeper with your unborn baby. If you have moments when you are feeling overwhelmed about your new adventure, you can take a moment to calm and center yourself with these visualisations, consider the child growing within you and what that child means to you and your future family.

Yoga literally means union, and I believe that the essence of prenatal yoga during pregnancy is a woman discovering the greatest union of all, the union of a mother and her child.

Visualisations for Pregnancy