simple calm breathing

Simply breathe deeply

Ever feel that you’re not great at remembering to simply breathe deeply when you’re stressed? Maybe you just haven’t learnt the right skills to tap into so you can calm yourself with your breathing? The simple act of slow, deep breathing has a physiological response in our brains, learning a few simple breathing techniques has been clinically proven to start to calm us. This makes it a really valuble life tool.

Get perspective….

If a situation is stirring us, we have anxiety about something or we are suffering from over thinking things and starting an internal panic, sometimes all we need to do is stop and slowly breathe deeply. After a few simple, slow, deep breaths ask yourself, is this situation going to effect me in a week, a month, a year? What would the best version of myself do in this situation? How can I help myself through this challenge? Who can I tap into to help me through this calmly?

Surround yourself with the right people

Whether it’s a really difficult situation or a small challenge that we’re distressed about, whether it’s to do with our pregnancy, the birth, raising our new born baby or something unrelated to parenthood, during challenges we need to surround ourselves with people, friends or family that we know will give us good advice and encourage us to act calmly and rationally rather than spiralling the situation and your feelings out of control.

You have more strength than you realise

Help from people outside ourselves can often be invaluable however, sometimes your own calm council can nip things in the bud early before they build. In these sorts of situations you need to have the art of simply breathing deeply locked into your psyche. So you can calm yourself to help yourself to think rationally and be the best version of yourself by dealing with the situation in front of you as best as you can.


Here is a short video to help you learn how to simply breathe deeply. When you’ve watched it you may like to view other breathing techniques to calm the mind and centre yourself.