The Third Eye!

The third eye, a weird expression huh!

Are we aliens?!?

Well … as weird as ‘The Third Eye’ sounds, that area of your face could become your new best friend in your quest to find balance and relieve stress & anxiety ……

The third eye is the area at the top of your nose, between your eyebrows.

Resting the forehead starts to create a sense of calm.

Applying slight pressure, specifically to the third eye area, actually helps regulate the endocrine system and that assists in relieving stress and alleviating headaches.

More specifically light pressure, micro circles or massage to the third eye helps to regulate the pituitary gland which calms the endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for secreting our hormones into our blood stream through many glands. These hormones influence our behavior, firing us up, giving us energy but also making us wired when we over stimulate them. A busy day and high stress levels can hyper activate your glands and this can catapult you into a vicious cycle of over stimulated alertness and sleeplessness.

So, for a deep nourishing sleep, or to alleviate headaches, we need a well regulated endocrine system and a calm central nervous system. We also need to release the physical stresses and strains the body has built up throughout the day. So grab your yoga mat and start paying attention to your third eye!!

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