What’s a ‘pregnancy visualisation’ & how can it help you?

What’s a ‘pregnancy visualisation’ & how can it help you?

A pregnancy visualisation is essentially a meditation where you are guided by a calming voice through a journey. Most pregnancy visualisations will be enhanced with gentle background music. Firstly the narrator will guide you through closing your eyes, finding a comfortable position to sit in. Next you will be guided through clearing your mind of thoughts of past and future by trying to picture images associated with a story. This story will have a specific meaning, in everyday life visualisations can be about empowerment, acceptance, and resilience. In pregnancy visualisations and with mums of newborn babies you will focus more specifically on embracing your wonderful journey. Preparing through pregnancy visualisations for your upcoming challenges in birth and early parenting can be very powerful and bonding with your baby whether bubs is in the world or still in your womb is invaluable.


Right here and right now!

Birthing Visualisation

Sometimes we simply need a visualistaion to remind us that  today, right here and right now we are ‘enough’. Not when we are faster, smarter or better at something but ‘enough’ just the way we are. In pregnancy we may need a visualisation to help us calm anxieties about the pregnancy and to help bond with our unborn baby. Visualisations are also extremely powerful in helping women to prepare for the experience of birth. During labour visualisations can help clear the mind of panic and come into a more restful state of acceptance. This is really fundamental in birth becasue the delivery of the baby is inevitable, so when you can find a state of calm acceptance through the contractions your body opens and releases. Conversly, if you tense up with every contraction and focus only on the pain, your body is resisting the natural flow of the labour. Creating tension and tightness is the opposite to what your body really needs. I created a birthing visualisation to help with acceptance and release during delivery after I found it to be such a powerful tool.

In parenthood visualisations are excellent tools for self forgiveness and non judgement. Sitting calmly and breathing through a guided visualisation helps us to accept that we are doing the best we can most of the time. When we don’t get it right, which will happen, its usually not from lack of trying. In this way a pregnancy visualisation helps to reset your perspectives, perhaps forgive yourself and release any unnecessary guilt which is not serving you. This allows you to move forward with your day with a stronger sense of who you are and the confidence that you are enough, just the way you are.


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